Bessie Smith

The Greatest Blues Singer in the World Will Never Stop Singing.
Bessie Smith

It's a long old road, but I know I'm gonna find the end.
Bessie Smith

I've been poor and I've been rich, and rich is better.
Bessie Smith

I ain't good-lookin', but I'm somebody's angel child.
Bessie Smith, Reckless Blues

Trouble, trouble, I've had it all my days. It seems that trouble's going to follow me to my grave.
Bessie Smith, Downhearted Blues

There's nineteen men livin' in my neighborhood, Eighteen of them are fools and the one ain't no doggone good.
Bessie Smith, Dirty No-Gooder?s Blues

No time to marry, no time to settle down; I'm a young woman, and I ain't done runnin' around.
Bessie Smith, Young Woman?s Blues